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My parents’ home has been in our family for more than 60 years and was previously owned by my maternal grandparents. They needed to downsize, so my siblings and I commissioned Kathleen to create an illustration of their home as a keepsake to take with them to their new place.

The final piece was incredible! Kathleen’s ability to capture the most minute details is astounding. From the stone wall, the brick walkway, to the antique planter, to the home’s architectural details, to the flagpole with the personalized family nameplate, she captured all of the details that are etched in our memories and define our family’s home.

My parents were overwhelmed with emotion when presented with this gift, for which they are grateful. Kathleen was very attentive throughout the entire process, confirming details in her work for accuracy to ensured our complete satisfaction. We couldn’t be more pleased. She even surprised me with a set of notecards when I picked up the piece! Thank you, Kathleen!

Linda H.

Linda H.

Meet Kathleen Nelson

Kathleen Nelson in Studio

Kathleen Rickert Nelson, local artist, historian, and speaker.

Kathleen Nelson creates beautifully detailed illustrations in pen and ink and watercolor. She specializes in historical structures, architecture, homes, and monuments.

Kathleen studied at Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, IL and was recognized for her two student designs while attending Harrington.

One design was a residential apartment design of Lake Point Tower, Chicago. The American Society of Interior Designers awarded her for that design. The National Society of Interior Designers awarded Kathleen for her commercial design of a ski resort/restaurant.

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