Realtor Gifts to Clients

You have just sold your client’s home after having spent quality time with them. Congratulations to both of you. Now, you are looking to make a lasting impression with an ideal gift that your client will treasure for a long time. It is like starting another chapter in their lives by creating a piece of history for their family.

There are many options to choose from that are truly one of a kind. This will show your client that you value their choice to work with you as their Realtor. It also sets you apart for client customer care, after you have finished their house sale.

Let’s get started on your very memorable gift for your client. First, you may want to have their home illustrated in pen and ink. Illustrations are also available with water highlights and are available in different sizes, too. Framing is additional. This type of gift is just the beginning of other items that you can incorporate with the illustration. Secondly, gift sets of the illustration with matching tempered glass appetizer platters, coasters, and perhaps an ornament will truly be welcomed by your client.

I have created these lovely gifts for homes around the country: from Maryland and Washington DC to Florida to Texas to Chicago and and out west to California. No place in the US is too far.

Contact me — I welcome the opportunity to go over options that will fit your budget. It all starts with a photo of the property. The Illustration will be executed on acid free paper, and properly wrapped in an acid free envelope. Mailing of the finished art piece is also available.