What my clients are saying!

Sheila Glazov, Owner, Sheila N. Glazov, Ltd.

“Kathleen is dedicated to offering her clients personalized fine art.  She researches and studies the details required to create a memorable masterpiece clients will enjoy for a life time or give as a unique gift for a special celebration.” Sheila Glazov, Owner, Sheila N. Glazov, Ltd.    

Lonnie Farr, Owner, Jasmine Rose Productions

“Kathleen’s renderings of homes and properties are exquisite. She asks questions and pays close attention to detail. Her work is displayed all over the country. Looking at one of her drawings will make you want one of your own. Are you looking for a special gift…one that won’t be stored in the closet or at the bottom of a sock drawer? What better way to acknowledge someone then to give them such an exceptional, personal gift.” Lonnie Farr, Owner, Jasmine Rose Productions

Early Christmas Shopping, M. S. – Testimonial

“Hi Kathleen, your lovely pillows arrived here in Florida, and they are just charming and beautiful!  The ornaments and cutting boards are also just perfect.  Many, Many thanks to you, and we all hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.” M. S.

Petra Croneigh

“I have known Kathleen for 5 years and have used her services and purchase her many beautiful cards for gifts and for personal use.  I recently hired Kathleen to make a sketch of a photo that a honeymoon couple gave me as their special, memorable location.  She made it very special and personable and they appreciated my gift. She has done some amazing work throughout the State of Illinois, as well the featured artist for the Lincoln Cottage in Washington.  Her work is detailed yet simple, but a product of high quality.” Kathleen provides Great Results, Creative.” Petra Croneigh

Christy Suerth

“Kathleen Rickert Nelson is a gifted artist. I hired Kathleen in 2008 to create a pen and ink with water color of our home. When Kathleen presented her work to me, I was overwhelmed. The work was superb. It will be a family treasure for years to come. Not only was the masterpiece wonderful, it was a pleasure to work with a consummate professional, like Kathleen. I highly recommend Kathleen. Kathleen provides Great Results, is Personable, and Creative.” Christy Suerth, SPHR, CPC


Katie Anderson -Tedder Testimonial

“Kathleen was a joy to work with. She not only accurately captures the physical details of her subject – dimensions, perspective, proportions – but more importantly, Kathleen is able to capture the spirit of the places she draws. When we have displayed Kathleen’s work in our shops, the work has always drawn attention and compliments from our customers.” Katie Anderson -Tedder, Owner of Anderson Candy, Barrington and Richmond, IL Appetizer Platter featuring the Kincaid Home which housed Anderson Candy before moving to the center of Barrington

Michelle Wilkes

“Kathleen is not only a very talented artist but also a true go-getter as an entrepreneur.  She willingly shares information and ideas and is eager to do whatever it takes to grow her business and more importantly create a loyal satisfied customer base.  It is my pleasure to network and brainstorm with her.” Michelle Wilkes, Owner, Coaster Creation

California Ranch

Mike Olenberg

“Spoke with Mary yesterday, she is very impressed with your work. When her new home is completed she will be contacting you to do another project. If you need a reference, please pass our information along to any potential customers.” Mike Olenberg – A ranch home in Southern California


Lynn Torre

“Kathleen understands the depth of her work and her integrity is very apparent in her renderings. She was able to meet my early deadline so I could personally give the illustration to my sister when she visited before the holidays. Working from a photo, not only were the horses’ features well portrayed but Kathleen also captured the essence of their personalities. As a bonus, a set of note cards of the treasured horses were included. My sister was speechless! Kathleen also provided gift wrapping for this one-of-a-kind gift. “Axl and Dakota” were safely packaged to make it easy for my sister to transport black to Connecticut. They are proudly displayed in her living room. Working with Kathleen was so easy. She is cooperative with requests, has great follow up and is very versatile in her product offerings. I enthusiastically recommend Kathleen. She is a gifted illustrator and goes the extra mile for you.” Lynn Torre – Commissioned to Render two horses that reside in Connecticut


Bonita Richter

“What I like about the appetizer plate is it looks like a work of art, and is a a piece I can display, and is of practical use, too. What drew me to the product was the intricate detail, and interesting subject matter. Architecturally the piece is very attractive. For the vintage cocktail platter, I liked the whimsical design and colors, that is what drew me to the product. Same for the ornaments, I like the colors, and they are of high quality, very unique. The lace edge on the porcelain is suitable to give them for gifts. Everything is exceptional quality, not like the cheap glass or ceramic ware so often supplied. The pieces are truly works of art. If someone is looking for unique, beautiful designs that are works of art, and are suitable for gift giving, your products can’t be beat, Kathleen.” Bonita Richter MBA Profit Strategies   – Two Appetizers Platters and Several Ornaments

Group of Furry Friends

Donna I.

“I wanted to give my husband a unique gift for his birthday. Since we have no kids of our own, our cat and three terriers make up our family. Having four pets make it virtually impossible for them to be altogether poised for a nice photograph. So, I commissioned Kathleen to paint a watercolor of all my pets together in one painting. Knowing how meticulous and detailed Kathleen’s pen and ink drawings are of her beautiful buildings, I had total faith each of my furry friends would be depicted exactly as they are in real life. I took a variety of photographs of each pet and asked Kathleen to position each one exactly in their usual positions as they normally are on the couch. My husband was so awe struck and thrilled when he opened his one of a kind, precious gift of Kathleen’s very talented artwork.  Donna I. – A Furry Family of Four for a husband’s birthday gift

Florida Vacation Home

Stephanie P. Testimonial

  “After building our first home, we commissioned Kathleen to do a pen and ink drawing from a photo I e-mailed to her. Not sure what to really expect, I must say we were pleasantly surprised. It was beautiful and very realistic. A few years later we commissioned her again for our lake house. Once again she exceeded our expectations. We have since moved to Florida and plan on having our current home completed in the near future. These drawings, a very nice memento that we will cherish through our years!” Mrs. Stephanie P.


Joyce Konstantinow

“Kathleen’s exuberant personality is a perfect compliment with her artistic & detailed fine art renderings. For me, her fine art rendering has made a beautiful gift & memory that will last for generations. Besides Kathleen’s fine art renderings, the selection of hand drawn gift cards are personal & unique. I enjoy that she is always open to new ideas & executes them in a timely manner. Kathleen provides Great Results, Expert, and Good Value” Joyce Konstantinow, Owner, Blooms and Rooms


Martha Morrissey

“Kathleen creates beautiful artwork-that’s obvious. Her detailed drawings are amazingly accurate, from the stonework, to the window detail, to the landscaping. She brings her creativity to the composition and brings it alive through the colors she applies, capturing the true beauty of her subject. She is also professional to work with. She keeps her appointments, communicates her plans and makes sure you are completely on-board each step of the way, ensuring you are satisfied with her final piece.” Martha Morrissey – fieldstone home in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL


Karen Malik

“We love Kathleen’s illustration of Strawberry Moon! The illustration captures the aura of the original 19th century building, as well as our contemporary martini bar – it says “walk right in”. We have kept the illustration and the matching white slate plaque on display unstairs – and enjoy the functional rendering on our set of coasters at home. It was a wonderful experience working with Kathleen – a fantastic artist and lovely person.” Karen Malik—Strawberry Moon-Owner a boutique Martini Bar located in Wauconda, IL

Peggy C Testimonial

“I am happy to let others know how thrilled I am with the new home ornaments in 2013 and these wedding ornament keepsakes! They loved the ornaments and I loved giving the keepsakes to them! They surprised me with a wedding picture album. Thank you for your part in the surprise! Feel free to use my name.” Peggy C. – Provided homes featured on two porcelain ornaments and wedding ornaments featuring Bride and Groom

T. Fwuich Testimonial

“Hi Kathleen, Thank you, thank you. The ornament and mug are beautiful. I tear up just looking at them. Please add me to your e-mail list. I will be certain to stop by to meet you at the Kirk School. You brought a little bit of him for us to enjoy. Thanks for the note pads.” T. Fwuich

Lincoln's Cottage - Washington, DC

Erin Mast Testimonial

“With a life-long interest in Abraham Lincoln, Kathleen contacted the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2004 to ask for their permission to do an architectural pen and ink drawing of President Lincoln’s Cottage, a national monument in Washington, D.C.  Wanting to support the preservation effort and give back through her artwork, on September 23, 2005, Kathleen proudly presented three diverse views of Lincoln’s Cottage.  In January 2008, Kathleen updated the prints to reflect the newly completed landscaping at President Lincoln’s Cottage.” Erin Carlson Mast – Executive Director at President Lincoln Cottage: A site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation


Arlene Fields

“I would have to say I love Kathleen’s detail! She has such an eye for architecture and design and was able to take a one dimensional floor plan and turn it into living art. She made my phone ring with leads from the drawing she did for me. I love her holiday tree hanging pieces and have been collecting them over the last four years. If you get a chance look at her work of the Abraham Lincoln estate does it. And look for those five birds in all her pictures. Kathleen is truly an artist you want to use for those special projects.” Arlene Fields, Agent Baird & Warner